Which Loan is Right for Me?


One of the advantages of the current credit market is that it is not a homogeneous sector and can choose from many models, depending on the actual needs of the customer. Here are the types of Loans that can be suitable to your needs:

Personal loans: one of the most satisfactory options for the interests of the applicants are personal loans, whose only guarantee is the borrower itself. Cover different amounts, from the smallest to the most demanding, with a price ranging between 8% and 14% depending on selected models, and what is added in some cases the fees that can raise their cost by up to 2% calculate your loan click here. This funding model as granted by banks, and are governed by parameters that not all users can access (depend on wages, guarantees and other requirements), so sometimes the applicants who were denied have to use other alternatives, in most cases more expensive.

Quick loans: personal loans these lower amounts, which rarely exceed $6,000, are granted by private equity firms. They have the advantage that the requirements to access them are minor and therefore are easier to get apply for personal loan. But you have to pay a higher interest rate, which can even double the personal loans, as they often exceed 22%. They are intended for people who need fast liquidity and eligible for access to personal credit.

Small loans: although they account for some undemanding advances, as they have a ceiling of $600, have a very short repayment periods (between one and 30 days) and their interests are very high relative to the amount granted. They are only recommended for emergency situations where it is required a small amount to meet specific or unexpected costs, even at the cost of being more euros than required for the payment of interest.

P2p loans: These loans between individuals are flourishing in recent years as a way to pay less money for interest. Not surprisingly, these products have a less corseted conditions because they vary depending on what they are willing to accept both sides, which can be given all possible scenarios.


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