Real Estate Pro: Kathy Bost

The Kathy Bost Team is a full service Santa Clarita real estate firm that wholly represents property owners in the financing, selling and leasing process of their homes and/or properties. With dual offices and more than ten dedicated employees completely covering Santa Clarita, Valencia, Stevenson Ranch and other areas in California.

For more than 15 years, Kathy Bost Real Estate has centered solely on the Santa Clarita and Valencia vicinities, creating solid relationships throughout the areas and growing a vast customer database that consists of new home buyers, investors, and developers within the areas.

The Kathy Bost Team’s commitment to getting to know the neighborhood and creating relationships is the basis for long-lasting success and accomplishments. Additionally, due to their Marketing System, their real estate agents have teamed-up with property owners all over the Santa Clarita Valley.

The Kathy Bost Team manages several various types of property such as multifamily homes, condominiums and single-family homes, co-ops townhomes, mixed-use user buildings, mixed-use investment buildings, industrial properties, live plus income buildings and development/conversion locations.

Our professional real estate experts are capable of representing diverse properties of various values and sizes, from half a million dollar priced properties to portfolios that exceed in excess of $5 million dollars.

Here are Kathy’s tips for renting an apartment:

Now a days the prices of owning the property of your own is very costly. People do not have so much money of investing in the house and purchase a whole new property. For solving their issues regarding the purchase of costlyhomes for them they can opt for renting apartments.

This concept is very easy and cheap as compared of owning and purchasing the house of there own. In the rented apartments the home owner is liable for getting the rent as money to him every month. This money which is given to the home owner is known as rent money. Every home owner is liable for this money. It is upon the homeowner or the landlord, what price he wants to keep of every month which the tenant is going to pay to the landlord of the house. There are many things which should be kept in mind before opting of the rented apartments because this can help the tenant to live in a good place. Renting a good apartment can crack you with good deal to live in.

Guidelines of Selecting a Renting Apartment:

  • The main aspect which is considered as the time of selecting a rented apartment is the budget of the people opting for it. It is very helpful for targeting and deciding the budget first and scroll for different apartments. Main focus should be on that it should not exceed 30 percent of your income because more than that can create issues regarding your income for the household expenses.
  • Second one is where to consult for the rented apartments. To my advice you should not consult to the brokers because they might charge more as compared to others. In fact you can find the rented apartments in the newspapers, bulletins, publications, online websites, etc this can give you all the information without the extra cost from your income.
  • Place and area is also important aspect which should be considered at the time of selecting the rented apartments for you because if you want the house to be near shopping malls, or the markets, or the schools, gardens, etc can help you for easing your work with more efficiency. Places makes huge difference in the life of the people. If they select such rented apartment which is closer to all the requirements than it can be easy for the tenant to do their daily work.
  • The renting agreement should be signed and should be in written form so that it can act upon as the proof for both the parties, the tenant and the landlord. Without the renting agreement the tenant should not give advance money to the landlord because now days many fraud cases are getting increased.
  • The rent contract must be read thoroughly before signing. All the terms and conditions must be legal and according to the requirement of the tenant and the landlord of the contract. The expiry, years of contract, amount to be paid every month to the home owners all should be specified in the contract of the rented apartment b y the home owners and the tenant.

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