Is Your Restaurant Outdated?

An outdated restaurant is a business that’s bound to fail. Because the very essence of your business is to serve customers, it means you must put in all the effort to make the dining experience as pleasant and satisfying as possible. Well, the ambiance and style of your restaurant can make or break your chances of saving it from obscurity. 

If your restaurant has been pretty much the same for the past decade, you probably think there’s no need for changes since it has been enough to keep the business afloat. But with competition from all sides closing in, you have no choice but to embrace change. 

So, how do you know that your restaurant needs some makeover? 

1 – It looks old. 

There’s a big difference between outfitting your restaurant with the 70s or retro theme to that of the fact that it looks quite old. Simply put, you cannot tell your customers that you’re projecting a vintage look when everyone knows that your place has certainly seen better days. It is recommended that you change the theme or overall look of your restaurant at least every seven years. 

2 – The carpet smells awful.

Carpets shouldn’t be in restaurants in the first place. But because you wanted to create a stylish look when you first opened your doors, you eventually decided to go for it. Over time, the carpet collects all sorts of debris, from food crumbs to dust. So, it’s not surprising for a carpet to look and smell awful. Don’t wait for a customer complaint before you change your carpet.

3 – Your food is no longer enjoyable. 

Part of your responsibility as a restaurant owner is to evaluate your menu and figure out how each dish is performing. You may not realize it at first, but some of the offerings are not as enticing as before. You may be stocking some ingredients which are slow-moving. Also, you could benefit from adding new dishes, too.

4 – You don’t accept credit cards. 

Credit cards are the preferred payment method for all restaurants these days. You could lose a lot of potential customers if you don’t accept credit card payment. Adding a credit card machine is a necessary investment if you want to keep up with your competitors. It just does not make any sense to restrict the payment in cash. It’s not the 90s anymore. eTouch Menu has some great options for customer payment options and order entry (touchscreen ordering systems).

Your restaurant does not have to be constantly updated with the latest trends. However, you cannot ignore the visible signs of it being outdated. Some changes are necessary so that you can compete with everyone else. No matter how excellent your food is and how wonderful your staff, you won’t entice new customers with an old and shabby restaurant. 

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